Halloween is approaching, and we at Hancock Farm and Seed are always looking for ways to stay in-season around this holiday. After all, stock in pumpkins and dried-up corn stalks always rises at this time of year. What do we have to compete with more spooky offerings?


They might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the “Halloween” spirit…but some of our options fit both the legends and looks of the season. Check out the options listed below to see what we mean!

Understand, of course, that Spring is the optimal time to plant wildflowers plots for many. Accordingly, our stock is low on most wildflower blends at the moment (you can’t make much money by selling swimsuits during the cold season!). That said, we’d be happy to help you plan for your Spring planting season. Just leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Deer Resistant Wildflower Seed Mix

Everyone knows that garlic is the best way to keep vampires away from your home…but how about keeping deer away from your wildflowers? Interestingly, planting garlic has been proven as a method to keep deer away from gardens as well!

That is, of course, because of the strong smell. If you want to keep these cloven-hooved mammals away from your plot without you yourself smelling like a clove, you may want to consider our Deer Resistant Wildflower Seed Mix instead. This blend features varieties of flower that are resistant to deer browsing.

Beneficial Bug Wildflower Seed Mixture

When you think creepy-crawly, you can’t help but think about bugs. They practically invented creeping and crawling! It’s important to distinguish that there are two kinds of bugs: good, and bad.

Bad include aphids, thrips and mites, which will eat your wildflowers alive (there’s a horror movie for you). The good include lacewings, ladybugs, hoverflies and wasps, who protect your garden by taking out the “bad” bugs. Our Beneficial Bug Wildflower Seed Mix attracts these “good” bugs to your plot so you can sleep sound.

Wet Meadow Seed Mix

Halloween has traditionally embraced creatures such as the aforementioned vampires, ghosts and Frankenstein as its most popular. We’re fans of one of the more underappreciated “monsters,” however: the Swamp Thing.

These marshland creatures might not be the most visually appealing, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy have a pleasant looking home! Our Wet Meadow Seed Mix was designed specifically for areas that stay moist during the growing season, including flowers and wetland grasses.

Maybe you just like orange flowers?

If none of these specific blends sound like what you’re going for, we’ve got a host of options that feature the yellow and orange colors of Halloween. Blends including Bird & Butterfly, Honey Bee, Low Growing and more all include a range of flowers that bloom orange—including California Poppy, Coreopsis and Siberian Wallflowers.

These blends aren’t Fall-themed at all, however they offer plenty of oranges and yellows that you can pick for your seasonal arrangements.